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To properly function, a pellet stove uses electricity and can be

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plugged into a normal wall outlet. A pellet stove, like an automatic coal stoker, is a consistent heater consuming fuel that is fed evenly from a refillable hopper into the burn-pot (a perforated cast-iron basin), through a motorized system. The most commonly used distributor is an auger system that consists of a spiral length of metal encased in a tube. This mechanism is either located above the burn-pot or slightly beneath and guides a portion of pellet fuel from the hopper upwards until it falls into the burn-pot and begins to combust.

Fan systems are necessary for clean, economical performance. The flame produced is concentrated and intense as a combustion blower introduces air into the bottom of the burn-pot. While some pellet stoves will be hot to the touch (especially on the viewing window), most manufacturers utilize a series of cast-iron heat exchangers that run along the back and top areas of the visible firebox.


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3042 Rockville Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 427-3770

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4680 E 2nd St # C, Benicia, CA 707 745-5933

Buck Stove Spa & Home Ctr
Vacaville, CA 707 447-7727

Buck Stoves Pools & Spas 
225 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 707 527-7277

California Stove & Supply Co
1179 Western St, Fairfield, CA 707 427-6787

Gallery of Fireplaces
385 Merchant St, Vacaville, CA 707 446-9008

Noni's Hearth & Home Shop
320 W A St, Dixon, CA 707 678-8500

North Bay Floors
1516 Georgia St, Vallejo, CA 707 554-4773

Solano Chimney Sweep
Vacaville, CA 707 448-1504

Village Hearth & Home
260 Link Rd # G, Fairfield, CA 707 863-0777

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With a convection blower, room air is circulated through the heat exchangers and directed into the living space. This method allows for a much higher efficiency than the radiant heat of a hand-fed wood or coal stove, and will in most cases cause the top of the stove to be not more than warm to the touch. 

Along with convection air, an exhaust fan forces air from the firebox through special venting specifically made for pellet fuel. This cycle of circulation is an integral part of the combustion system as well, for the concentrated high-temperature flame will quickly overheat the firebox. The possible problems associated with overheating are electrical component failure and flames traveling into the auger tube causing a hopper fire. As safeguards, all pellet stoves are equipped with heat sensors enabling the controller to shutdown if any safe conditions are exceeded.

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