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Real estate appraisal is the act of presenting an opinion of the value of a property. There are two main types of appraisal:

Fee Appraisal - Appraisal of an individual property by a contracted appraiser who is usually paid a fee. For example, this will be done prior to a loan being issued by a bank, to verify that there is sufficient collateral should the borrower default.
Mass appraisal - Appraisal of many properties using a more statistical approach. Usually done by government agencies responsible for setting values for property tax calculations.
There are various approaches to determining the value, including:

Market - also known as "sales comparison" - establishing the value based on a comparison of what similar properties have sold for.
Cost - Establishing value based on the cost to build that structure new, less depreciation.
Income - For commercial properties as well as multifamily residential property (duplexes and apartment buildings), establishing the value based on the income the property generates. For example, Retail space may be valued based on the rental income.


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A & A Appraisal
1127 Cormorant Pl, Fairfield, CA 707 425-7968

Browning Appraisal Svc
5118 Clayton Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 426-2830

Cliff's Appraisal Svc
3181 Cherry Valley Cir, Fairfield, CA 707 429-3821

Davis & Sroaf
19 Country Club Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 864-0901

Garland & Assoc
1455 Oliver Rd # 290, Fairfield, CA 707 429-8660

Golden Star Appraisals 
137 Plaza Dr # 321, Vallejo, CA 707 553-7311

Jack Keeler Co
1327 Texas St, Fairfield, CA 707 425-2909

Northern California Appraisers
2989 Burl Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 427-1470

Palace Realty
1652 W Texas St # B, Fairfield, CA 707 429-9556

Raymond J Simonds & Assoc
1327 Texas St, Fairfield, CA 707 425-1005

Taylor's Real Estate Svc
2229 Brighton Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 428-3128

Tonnesen Appraisal Svc
3292 Arroyo Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 429-1292

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