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Holistic - Drugless Practitioners

Holistic Health Is a Philosophy not a Modality.

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The first National Conference on Holistic Health was held with the University of California San Diego California School of Medicine in June 1975. Each year thereafter for ten years about 3,000 health professionals participated each year in a conference and forty to fifty different workshops about holistic health promotion in contrast to our traditional Allopathic Medical Model philosophy that is focused on treating symptoms, by prescribing drugs to elevate the symptoms and providing surgery and drugs for corrective action.

The Holistic philosophy acknowledged in the pioneering work in California is as follows: First, Holistic is not new, it has been around for thousands of years. Holistic is just new to our health care system. It refers to the theory that whole entities such as human beings have an existence and a reality greater than the sum of their parts.

Applying the term holistic to concepts of health and fitness means that achieving and maintaining good health involves much more than just taking care of all the various components that make up the physical body.



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Chinese Acupuncture & Herb
2005 Delpha Dr, Napa, CA 707 255-5152  
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under Acupuncture

Holistic Choices 
1462 Liveoak Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 863-0550

Intentional Wellness
965 Alamo Dr # 319, Vacaville, CA 707 448-0214

Noa Chiropractic - Edward J Noa DC
1371 Oliver Rd # B, Fairfield, CA 707 426-6135

Paula Mitchell DC
2250 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 707 553-1127

Pazdel Chiropractic - Bejan Pazdel DC
5030 Business Center Dr # 230, Fairfield, CA 707 863-9001

Pazdel Chiropractic - Bejan Pazdel DC
258 Sunset Ave # I, Suisun City, CA 707 429-4861

Simon Chiropractic Inc - Tracy Simon DC
530 W Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville, CA 707 448-9661

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When the concepts of holistic health are put into practice within the health care system, the approach to therapy takes on a new dimension. We see traditional medical care expanded to encompass a broad spectrum of therapies coordinated to meet that totality of a particular individual. The focus then is not just on the disease but the whole person.

The role of the patient changes in learning how choices, actions and attitudes affect the present condition, and how one can be an active participant in the healing process.
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